‘Julie & Julia’

The film ‘Julie & Julia’ tells the story of both Julia Childs and how she became Julia Childs and the story of Julie Powell, an everyday young woman, working her “fabulous” 8 to 5 job while secretly envisioning her life as a writer and little does she know, an amateur cook as well!

Following both ladies on their journeys to fulfill their dreams is both fun and motivating to the audience to go out there and just do it. The duo, show us that with a dash of drive and a pinch optimism, anyone can achieve their dreams. This is a great movie and I can never get enough of it. I catch myself popping in the DVD at least once a week.


Could it be that with with a few chocolate recipes, one woman and her sweet shop could change a small French village? Yes. In the movie ‘Chocolat’ starring Juliette Binoche, Judi Dench and the ever-so-talented, Johnny Depp, we are introduced to a village occupied by a handful of people who live their lives according to religion and only religion. They are set in their ways and will be damned if anyone goes against their beliefs. Until one foggy day, Vianne and her daughter Anouk, move into town and the village air is suddenly filled with the sweet smell of chocolate upon the opening of their sweet shop selling Mayan chocolate.

Not exactly welcomed with open arms from the townspeople, rumors begin to spread rapidly about the shop owner, with the hopes that she will go out of business by Easter. With a dash of dreaming and a pinch of kindness, Vianne’s chocolate recipes begin changing the lives of the locals for the better and soon, the village is celebrating her move to their small village. Great movie!

‘The Young Victoria’

Set in the 1830’s, ‘The Young Victoria’ takes us back to the time when the young and beautiful, soon-to-be Queen, Victoria, is being manipulated and pulled in different directions by those closest to her, to give up her reign as Queen. Their reason? That at the age of 18, she is too young, too ignorant and lacks the experience to take on such a demanding role. However, behind those “reasons”, lie jealousy and envy. Victoria, having had such a protected childhood, never being allowed to do or engage in the normal, simple, activities a child would normally partake in, she is determined that once Queen, she will rule and things will then go her way. No more holding of the hand up and down the stairs for her!

As she is crowned as Queen Victoria, we follow her through the twists and turns her new role has so graciously given her. From making important decision, to ensuring the happiness of her country, and to watching out for herself from those who only want to cause her harm, she marches right through everything with grace and dignity. Upon doing so, she encounters love. A love with Prince Albert.

I must say, this movie is a must see and I would recommend it to anyone who is as passionate about these times and the lives of those deemed royalty, just as much as I am.

‘Up In The Air’

In the past couple of years, George Clooney’s movies have not been ones that have peaked my interest. However, after seeing the Oscars this month, I was curious to see his new movie ‘Up In The Air’. It seemed to be a movie that I just may like. And to my surprise, it was.

We follow Ryan Bingham (Clooney), who seems to be “running away from life” in a way, by immersing himself into his job. Traveling is the main part of his job which keeps him on a plane more days out of the year than one can count and he couldn’t be happier. Unmarried and childless, Ryan has no obligation to be on the ground, especially in his hometown, more than he needs to. Making a living by laying people off, Ryan makes does more than well financially and has acquired so many frequent flier miles that soon his name will be added to the side of a plane with the other few elite fliers, just as he had always envisioned.

Much to his surprise, things change at his company when a fresh, young face, Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), is hired. With a brilliant idea to lay people off via the web, Ryan’s boss is eager to try Natalie’s idea and invokes a drastic new rule — no more traveling. Ryan opposed to this greatly, is then stuck with Natalie on a long business trip to show her how the layoff process is done in person. Although peeved by Natalie convincing the boss to implement this new idea of hers, during their long trip Ryan and Natalie seem to bond in a way Ryan was not expecting; sort of like an older brother, younger sister relationship. Both teaching each other things they never saw coming, Ryan soon meets Alex (Vera Farmiga), a woman in the same industry as he, who travels just as much as he does. They soon develop a relationship which most women would be opposed to but little does Ryan know what lies around the corner for him. I definitely recommend this movie!

‘The Reader’

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As the second movie in my Netflix queue to arrive, I saw ‘The Reader’ last night. I thought it was very good. The story for each main character were both sad and (as you’ll see why in the movie) you can’t help but somehow feel bad for Hannah, played by Kate Winslet. Throughout the movie though, I did find myself debating over whether or not I truly liked her. Her character is hard; she’s rough, not very pleasant to be around. But yet, the very few times she smiles, you like her. It’s weird. The boy, Michael, seems to remain innocent even as an adult. It’s almost as if he never really grows up and in some way, I feel as though Hannah is part to blame for that — for stealing his innocence. I would highly recommend this movie.

‘Fallen’ By: Lauren Kate

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‘The Last Song’ By: Nicholas Sparks

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‘Remember Me’

‘Remember Me’ starring Robert Pattinson and others, tells the story of a broken soul. Well, several broken souls. Since I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while now, I knew it wouldn’t be your typical romantic comedy or romantic drama by any means but, I wasn’t expecting everything that it actually was. It begins with tragedy; something completely unexpected that catches you off guard in a way that is so morose, so depressing and so unwelcomed as a viewer that, right then and there I realized I would not be the first one in line to purchase this movie, nor would I ever purchase it.

I did however, appreciate Pattinson’s character. There was something about his character that was attractive, giving female audiences the urge to want someone like him in their lives; someone who cares and protects, someone who isn’t afraid of anything. Pattinson did an excellent job at playing this character. While I’m sure this movie may not be Oscar material I do believe that he at least should be recognized in some way because his work was exquisite. Bravo Robert and keep up the good work.

‘The Duchess’

As a new member to the popular movie rental club, Netflix, I was excited about receiving my first pick ‘The Duchess’ starring Keira Knightley as none other than the Duchess. Re-playing the trailer online practically every day, I was certain I would love it. I thought to myself, “Why rent it? I just need to buy it already!”

Yesterday, while at work, I was anticipating arriving to my townhouse, opening the mailbox and pulling out the movie I was so anxiously waiting on. Suddenly, an old friend came to mind whom I was almost certain had seen the movie already (she and I have almost the exact taste in movies). With the help of Facebook, I wrote on her wall immediately asking what she thought of the movie and if it would meet my expectations. Sadly, I received a response from her soon after citing “…It was semi-disappointing.” And sadly, she was right.

That evening, eating dinner on the couch with my boyfriend, we popped in the DVD only to encounter betrayal, a loveless marriage, royal politics, “imprisonment”, rape, and more. About 45 minutes into the movie I was certain I would run out and purchase, I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I can’t take this anymore.” Although, “just a movie”, you could feel Georgiana’s pain and suffering. And then, if you have ever experienced anything she went through, it was even worse to watch. I hated the woman Georgiana so desperately wanted as her best friend; for sleeping with her husband. However, many would challenge me on this seeing as how she claims to have slept with him in return for being able to see her three children her husband took from her. I didn’t care though. It made my skin crawl. It made me want to reach into the t.v. and hug Georgiana telling her I knew how she felt. And then to know that this was all based on true events made it even harder to watch.

You may be thinking to yourself, “How ignorant can she be?” Listen, I knew that there would be drama and betrayal to some extent but, this definitely went above and beyond that. I love and have a passion for these royal, 18th century times so I’m not as ignorant as you may be thinking but, I wasn’t expecting to see such sadness take place and how someone could hurt another so much. I’m hoping that ‘The Young Victoria’ is not as sad.


Yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought. Well, I ended up not feeling well during work which resulted in me going to the grocery store and literally dragging myself from aisle to aisle, luckily, I had good company so I didn’t focus on my minor but yet, prominent pain in my lower back.

With that said, the unexpected pain turned my go-getter attitude to a I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude only driving me to just get home and crawl into bed. Prepare for the next evening’s festivities? Not a chance. I didn’t even put away the things I purchased at the store, my significant other did! While I did have a great time, with great company, again, my minor yet prominent pain dismayed me so, that I completely “threw” away my to-do-list I had “written” oh so carefully in my mind. I only did one thing on that list which was going to the grocery store and only because I had this party to get ready for.

Forward to today, Friday, the night of the party, and I’ve decided to leave work an hour early in an attempt to properly prepare for this evenings fiesta. Vacuum, dusting, and cooking are just a few things on my imaginary list to take care of late this afternoon. We can’t forget the hour, at minimum, that I’ll need to get ready. This includes showering, straightening my hair, picking out clothes and much more. So an hour for all of that seems more like a fairytale than reality.

When I arrive to my humble abode this afternoon though, at my front door I will see a large package waiting for me to open, that contains my three textbooks for my one class. I know myself pretty well and know that despite all I have to do tonight, before 7 o’clock p.m., I will have the urge to not only open the package, but actually begin studying and completing those assignments that so patiently wait for me online. It is only the first week of the term and already I am behind. Why? Because a week ago, I thought I was going to have to pay over two grand in order to go to school the second term of the summer and that was two grand I didn’t have. Not aware of the financial aid the government so willingly awarded me, (that was sarcasm by the way) I dropped my two classes; until Wednesday afternoon when my enrollment advisor contacted me at work filling me in on the monetary funds I had sitting in my student account obviously hiding from me. “You have enough to take one class and you’ll receive a book voucher that will cover all you need for the course,” she explained. Needless to say I jumped on that train! O.k. so, I can’t take two courses but, I can still take one and that’s all I need to keep a smile on my face! So, here I am, at the end of the week, with a party to prepare for and a class I’m behind in because all week I thought otherwise. Well, I guess I have a long weekend of catch-up reading to complete along with miscellaneous tasks. Will writing my novel somehow sneak it’s way into my agenda this weekend? We shall wait and see!

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