‘Up In The Air’

In the past couple of years, George Clooney’s movies have not been ones that have peaked my interest. However, after seeing the Oscars this month, I was curious to see his new movie ‘Up In The Air’. It seemed to be a movie that I just may like. And to my surprise, it was.

We follow Ryan Bingham (Clooney), who seems to be “running away from life” in a way, by immersing himself into his job. Traveling is the main part of his job which keeps him on a plane more days out of the year than one can count and he couldn’t be happier. Unmarried and childless, Ryan has no obligation to be on the ground, especially in his hometown, more than he needs to. Making a living by laying people off, Ryan makes does more than well financially and has acquired so many frequent flier miles that soon his name will be added to the side of a plane with the other few elite fliers, just as he had always envisioned.

Much to his surprise, things change at his company when a fresh, young face, Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick), is hired. With a brilliant idea to lay people off via the web, Ryan’s boss is eager to try Natalie’s idea and invokes a drastic new rule — no more traveling. Ryan opposed to this greatly, is then stuck with Natalie on a long business trip to show her how the layoff process is done in person. Although peeved by Natalie convincing the boss to implement this new idea of hers, during their long trip Ryan and Natalie seem to bond in a way Ryan was not expecting; sort of like an older brother, younger sister relationship. Both teaching each other things they never saw coming, Ryan soon meets Alex (Vera Farmiga), a woman in the same industry as he, who travels just as much as he does. They soon develop a relationship which most women would be opposed to but little does Ryan know what lies around the corner for him. I definitely recommend this movie!