‘Remember Me’

‘Remember Me’ starring Robert Pattinson and others, tells the story of a broken soul. Well, several broken souls. Since I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while now, I knew it wouldn’t be your typical romantic comedy or romantic drama by any means but, I wasn’t expecting everything that it actually was. It begins with tragedy; something completely unexpected that catches you off guard in a way that is so morose, so depressing and so unwelcomed as a viewer that, right then and there I realized I would not be the first one in line to purchase this movie, nor would I ever purchase it.

I did however, appreciate Pattinson’s character. There was something about his character that was attractive, giving female audiences the urge to want someone like him in their lives; someone who cares and protects, someone who isn’t afraid of anything. Pattinson did an excellent job at playing this character. While I’m sure this movie may not be Oscar material I do believe that he at least should be recognized in some way because his work was exquisite. Bravo Robert and keep up the good work.