‘The Young Victoria’

Set in the 1830’s, ‘The Young Victoria’ takes us back to the time when the young and beautiful, soon-to-be Queen, Victoria, is being manipulated and pulled in different directions by those closest to her, to give up her reign as Queen. Their reason? That at the age of 18, she is too young, too ignorant and lacks the experience to take on such a demanding role. However, behind those “reasons”, lie jealousy and envy. Victoria, having had such a protected childhood, never being allowed to do or engage in the normal, simple, activities a child would normally partake in, she is determined that once Queen, she will rule and things will then go her way. No more holding of the hand up and down the stairs for her!

As she is crowned as Queen Victoria, we follow her through the twists and turns her new role has so graciously given her. From making important decision, to ensuring the happiness of her country, and to watching out for herself from those who only want to cause her harm, she marches right through everything with grace and dignity. Upon doing so, she encounters love. A love with Prince Albert.

I must say, this movie is a must see and I would recommend it to anyone who is as passionate about these times and the lives of those deemed royalty, just as much as I am.


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