Okay, I have to say something…

O.k. This morning, I read an article in The Independent Florida Alligator student newspaper from the University of Florida, and I came across this article and was dismayed just by the headline.

The story, in short, is about a UF journalism student, who was interning at a newspaper, who plagiarized from the New York Times!!!! Why would anyone be this irresponsible and plagiarize? And not only that but, plagiarize from the New York Times!? And another question I must pose is, why are people plagiarizing in this day in age, when technology has advanced so much that it’s even easier than ever to detect plagiarism?

Sorry to comment on something that is none of my business but, I just had to say something about this one because for as much as it is pounded in our heads in grade school, then college for many, that plagiarism is not only unethical but illegal, it makes me wonder why people resort to it anyway.

To read the article, click here


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